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The creates and builds websites and businesses that empower visitors in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, environment, and employment.

We host many websites targeting different users groups, geographies, and career types. Our mission is to provide information that helps you prepare for and get the jobs you want that move your career forward. Our job and career experts are here to help you reach your career goals. is on a mission to help young entrepreneurs start and operate businesses of their own. We also help teens find jobs and careers that are compatible with school, college, and life as a teen. is an excellent resource for teen job seekers. We provide expert advise and information on how to search for jobs, how to get and ace interviews, and we profile various jobs and careers. matches seasonal workers with seasonal employers. Everything from holiday jobs to farm jobs to environmental positions are present and profiled. is a local job board for the Flagstaff, Arizona community. We love Flagstaff. We provide this website to help employers, locals, and Northern Arizona University students find their next position. is a local job resource for the Heathrow Airport community. We profile working for the airport directly as well as airlines. We also profile careers such as being a member of cabin crew, airport security, and ground crew. provides up to date information for job seekers looking for positions at airports in the United Kingdom. We profile airports, airlines, and careers. We also provide a job board for employers and job seekers to find each other.

AssetLab Creators: - Official website of Jeffrey R Kelly, Founder and CEO of AssetLab, a successful corporate engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. Also the owner of a Shipping Container Home Vacation Rental. - Website of Jessica R Kelly, Founder and Board Member of AssetLab, a successful non-profit national operations manager, historian, and board gamer.