AssetLab: Helping Entrepreneurs Start And Run Businesses

The creates and builds websites and businesses that empower visitors in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, environment, and employment.

AssetLab was founded by two corporate expats who became Entrepreneurs, Jeff and Jessica. We have experience launching multiple businesses, experience with mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases and sales, business entity strategies, taxes, accounting, and all the other fundamentals of a wide range of businesses. We want you to benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Our experience stems from our own mutli-corporate business strategy, our business clients, and our corporate experiences.

We really enjoy providing our experience, suggestions, referrals, and plans for helping you become as successful as you want to be.

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AssetLab Creators: - Official website of Jeffrey R Kelly, Founder and CEO of AssetLab, a successful corporate engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. Also the owner of a Shipping Container Home Vacation Rental. - Website of Jessica R Kelly, Founder and Board Member of AssetLab, a successful non-profit national operations manager, historian, and board gamer.