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One of our favorite causes is working with children. We support organizations such as CAST Foundation, the Boy Scouts of America, and Communities In Schools because we believe that we can empower the next generation to be far better leaders and people than ourselves. Part of this effort involves coaching the coaches.

Jeff started while he was Scoutmaster of Troop 517 in Covington, Washington. Jeff and Jessica were both active leaders in the troop holding positions such as Committee Secretary, Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, Adult Recruiting Coordinator, and Training Coordinator. One regular gap that Jeff experienced as Scoutmaster was the lack of connection to other Scoutmasters outside of the immediate area of the troop. Jeff also found so much to share as Scoutmaster to help leaders of youth groups become better at their core goal. is a place to learn to teach others to lead.

AssetLab Creators: - Official website of Jeffrey R Kelly, Founder and CEO of AssetLab, a successful corporate engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. Also the owner of a Shipping Container Home Vacation Rental. - Website of Jessica R Kelly, Founder and Board Member of AssetLab, a successful non-profit national operations manager, historian, and board gamer.