The team has decades of experience running websites, choosing and implementing technology, and helping businesses choose the right path forward. We help with everything from hardware purchasing decisions to online service evaluation and selection.

If you do not have someone on your team who meets the "Guru" technology level we can help you fill that gap with really straightforward technology consulting services. We provide several packages that meet a variety of needs and everything is customizable.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone next time you need help with technology? That is exactly what we provide for small businesses, non-profits, and other website builders. Because we've been doing this for so long, at so many different companies, we know how to support you.

Unlike your previous "IT Guy" we collaborate with you to understand your needs and recommend solutions that match just that both in cost, and in features. If for example, you need an event ticketing partner, we work with you to find something that balances your budget, your feature needs, and flexibility for the future.

  • Maybe you need to have someone evaluate the computers you have in the office, or make recommendations for a newer model
  • Maybe you need help with collaborating with remote staff
  • Maybe you want help evaluating a new social media platform for your needs
  • Maybe you want to create videos for use online and on social and want a kickstart

We can help you with all these things.

Conversion Improvement

Increasing the number of people who buy or contact you after coming to your website means more money and leads to you. We can help you get much better!

Software Evaluation

If you want help finding and choosing software, internet services, or cloud systems we can help with practical advice.

Hardware Evaluation

We help organizations and businesses choose computers, phones, printers, and internet services.

Distributed Staff

AssetLab has staff all over the world and we can help you create a technology setup that supports your distributed team.

Marketing Integration

When you need to build your reputation online we can help you incorporate little things into your day to day processes so you get great content and great reviews.

Review Building

Online reviews are one primary method people use to decide which companies to trust. We can help you get your reviews in order.