2022 Washington State Small Business Fair

This year, it is a hybrid event, free to attend as always and the overarching goal of the event is to help current and aspiring small business owners start or grow their businesses.

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AssetLab is a Seattle-based digital marketing serving local businesses. We’re a team of creatives and savvy technologists who share a common goal: to help you grow your business.

Who We Are

AssetLab is a Seattle-based digital marketing serving local businesses. We’re a team of creatives and savvy technologists who share a common goal: to help you grow your business.

And What We Do

We drive results by being transparent, professional, and community-focused. Whether you need a well-designed, functional website with the capabilities you and your visitors need, improved traffic through better SEO, digital strategy, or ads management, we will give you all of our expertise and capabilities to achieve the best possible results.


Jeff founded AssetLab to get closer to the people he serves and to his family. After a 13-year corporate technology career, marketing technology was a natural fit. Jeff enjoys building things, solving problems, and mentoring people.


Jessica is a co-owner whose main role is the finances (invoices and payments). She supports in other ways when needed, but her main focus is now managing our family remote schooling (for our Kindergartner and 6th grader). A volunteer at heart, she continues to be involved remotely in Scouting, and as a Board Member of the Renton Historical Society. Her newest hobby is Lego – as she plays with her daughter, and has put together her own “big kid” set!

Website Support & Build

digital marketing assistant

Corine is a PNW native, boy mom and our newest digital marketing assistant. She has a number of interests that start with mastering her digital marketing skills to gardening with her family. When she isn’t learning a new a new recipe in the kitchen, Corine can be found helping our clients fufill their marketing needs.


Anthony Greer writes consistent, engaging, on-board content. He creates content worth remembering and tells stories worth repeating. Anthony originally wanted to be a journalist, but found his passion in content writing, which he calls “journalism for small businesses.” Anthony was born in New York, but has lived in Seattle for 15 years. He also enjoys writing fiction, traveling, rock climbing, and board games.

Project Manager

Kelsey is AssetLab’s Project Manager. In this role, she oversees project progress, sets deadlines, and effectively communicates with our clients. With her strong attention to detail and outgoing personality, she is a vital part of our team. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys being outdoors, paddle boarding with her golden retriever, and spending time with friends and family.

Website Support & Build

Luke originates from Michigan but he decided to pursue the life of a digital nomad so he works remotely from his RV as he travels the country. After graduating college he realized that he didn’t have to live stationary to make an income so he hit the road. When he isn’t doing “digital nomad” stuff he is out hiking, exploring, creating content, and cruising around on his electric unicycle.



Our approach is to get great at digital marketing for a particular type of business and then leverage that expertise. By listening to your story and goals, we can apply our winning online marketing tools and processes to help you achieve them.

We Are Assetlab

Helping your business grow revenue with digital marketing

Do you have a goal or project in mind? Reach out to let us know and we can find out if we’re a good fit for working together.

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