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Event Customer Service Packages

Get back the time your team spends on front line customer service and registration changes by leveraging our team. We provide email, chat, text, and phone service for community and fitness events that scales up when you need it and down when you don’t with predictable pricing.

Can You Explain More About Pricing?

The pricing is made up of two components:

  1. A base monthly fee
  2. A monthly fee per expected participant

We will determine the expected number together. Typically we consider the actual participant numbers from prior years and the goal for the current year. If you have multiple events per year we simply setup one package for each event.

If you want us to handle customer support for the event year-round we offer a discount during your off season. Off season typically starts one month after the event date and ends when registration opens. 

What Are The Types of Email Customer Service?

There are two levels of email customer service:

  • Basic
  • Premium

With Basic service we efficiently respond to everyone with a friendly tone, directing them to the information they are looking for, addressing the registration issue at hand, or passing the message on to the event team member that is best suited to handle the email.

With Premium service we significantly increase the level of relationship building we pour in to addressing incoming emails. Responses are more personal and incorporate the instructions or information the person was asking for, rather than pointing people to that information. We make sure to address everyone in a very personal manner so that they will feel appreciated.

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