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Facebook and Instagram are two of the leading online social media platforms for building meaningful relationships with your customers and potential customers. Great social media helps people find your business more easily and stand out from the competition.

Social Media Creation Packages

Just starting out? We can create and complete your profiles for you: Facebook: $100, Instagram: $50, LinkedIn: $150, Twitter: $50

Social Media Advertising Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Lean more about what is included in these packages.

Can I change the monthly ad budget?

Yes. Packages typically include a minimum budget level and changes to the ad budget can be made on a monthly basis. When increasing ad budget to a higher package the difference in setup fee and any difference in term will be applied.

What reporting is included?

There are three types of reporting in each advertising package: 1) Self serve statistics from your Facebook Ad Account, 2) Monthly email report, and 3) Website behavior data from Google Analytics.

What social media platforms are included in these packages?

These packages include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. The types of ads that are included are Remarketing ads, Display ads, Video ads, and Story ads.

What are Remarketing ads?

Remarketing advertisements specifically designed to be shown to people who previously visited your website and then go on to Facebook or Instagram. This is a high value group of people because they have already been exposed to your brand but the number of people in this audience is typically smaller than other advertising audiences.

What are Prospecting ads?

Prospecting ads are advertisements designed to find new customers. We use a test and learn approach to find audiences and advertisements that generate the most revenue or awareness for the money.

What are Video & GIF ads?

Video ads (also called GIF ads in some cases) are advertisements made up of video that is shown to the target audience.

What do we discuss on Strategy Calls?

During strategy calls we will review advertising performance, business performance, upcoming events or activies that are notable for managing advertising, and address other questions and topics.

How do you determine the Audience for ads?

The Audience is determined by many factors including the taret audience for the service or product, geographic region of interest, demographics of typical customers, various growth considerations, and the performance results of previous advertising.

Will I like the ads? What if I don’t like an ad?

Each packages includes the ability to review and revise advertisements. The various packages include a different number of revisions. Once the number of revisions are used, additional changes are made using an hourly billing rate.

Why is there a Minimum Term for online advertising?

Our goal is to make your online advertising a business asset. To achieve this it takes several months of testing and learning with different ads, ad copy, graphic design, and audiences. Over time you gain the ability to spend more or less money to generate more or less awareness or revenue. Anyone can just run ads, what we’re doing is creating a business asset for you… and that takes a little longer.

Can you explain what is included in Routine Optimization?

On a monthly or weekly basis (depending on the package) we review ad performance and make adjustments intended to improve the advertising results we achieve with your ad budget. Changes may include adjustments to audiences, ad level budget, graphic design, copy, and other ad and campaign settings.

What is Pixel Installation?

Facebook and Instagram recieves data from your website from a tracking code called the “Facebook Pixel” or “Pixel” for short. All Facebook/Instagram ad packages include setup of the Pixel on the business website.

What is the Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager is an account used to manage business assets on Facebook including Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Accounts, Facebook Pixels, permissions for the business team and partners, and many other aspects of Facebook and Instagram. As part of setup of a new package we help you create a Facebook Business Manager account for your business if one does not exist.

Is the Facebook Ad Account mine to keep?

Yes, unlike most other online advertising agencies we believe that ads and past ad performance is your business asset, not ours. So, we include creating a Facebook Ad Account for your business in all our advertising packages. If we stop working together in the future, you keep the account and all the data and advertisements that are in it.

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