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The creates and builds websites and businesses that empower visitors in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, environment, and employment.

The AssetLab network is on a mission to help you improve your life through free training programs, expert content, curated resources, and engaging communities in:

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The founders of AssetLab have a wealth of experience in corporate america, non-profit management, communication, leadership, education, and technology. Our goal is to empower you with our knowledge, experience, and expertise.

AssetLab Websites - Tips and tools for people searching for seasonal employment and seasonal jobs. Read more. - Resources for teen entrepreneurs and job searchers. Read more. - Job board and interviewing resources for teens looking for their first jobs. Read more. - Local job board, job search tips, and resources for job seekers in the Flagstaff, Arizona and Northern Arizona areas. Read more. - Provides profiles and education suggestions on the hottest trending jobs in the Americas. - Deep information for job searchers looking for positions at airports in the United Kingdom. Read more. - Focused information on jobs local to the Heathrow airport in London. Read more. - Leadership and youth mentoring guide with great stories mixed in. Read more. - A website rich in information about one of the latest food crazes - the Air Fryer, which experience record sales this past holiday season. Read more.

AssetLab Businesses

F100 LLC

With a name inspired by one of the founder's favorite trucks, F100 LLC buys and holds websites with the goal of achieving consistent returns to the founders over extended periods of time. F100 is based in Renton, Washington and operates websites focused on customers in North America. - A website dedicated to sending amazing and confusing and sometimes anonymous products to people all around the United States and Canada. If you are looking to mail a potato, is the place to do it. - A website dedicated to comparisons and reviews of professional grade laser levels, tripods, kits, squares, distance measurers, and other related construction tools.

AssetLab Creators: - Official website of Jeffrey R Kelly, Founder and CEO of AssetLab, a successful corporate engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. Also the owner of a Shipping Container Home Vacation Rental. - Website of Jessica R Kelly, Founder and Board Member of AssetLab, a successful non-profit national operations manager, historian, and board gamer.