Since we operate our own internet brands and social media accounts we know how to take yours to the next level.

Most businesses really are doing social media wrong... it isn't about sharing about your business, it is about sharing content that your audience is interested in, entertained by, and inclined to share. Think about the last time you used Facebook. What sort of things caught your attention? It probably was not the release of a new product by a store you purchased from in the past. It was probably something fun and entertaining and inspiring. 

That is exactly what you need to be focused on when creating social media content for your business, organization, or campaign.

By understanding who your audience is you can tailor the content you create for them. That way, over time, they are being exposed to your brand over and over in an interesting and engaging way. When they make the change to someone who is interested in your products, services, organization, or cause your brand will be first to mind because they already know about you... through what you shared.

It isn't about posting your latest sale or the cool new building you are in. It is about your audience and what they want. We can help you get out of the basement and start living the penthouse life on social media.

Social Strategy

We create strategies based on our own front-line experience that will take you to your social goals.


From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat we have you covered with experience that grows your audience and their engagement.

Social Content

If you want to leave creating your social accounts and posts to people who live and breathe social media, we are happy to do that for you.


Over 75% of internet users have a Facebook account and around 40% of those people use Facebook daily. Your presence here give millions of people easy access to your business or campaign.


Most people missed the snapchat revolution, we didn't. Snapchat is a great way to connect with younger millennials in a way that they like to communicate.


The ultimate teaching platform, YouTube is a great way to create a following around content that educates people.


This is a powerful visual-based channel for creating brand recognition with your target audience. This is the best platform for building a perception of your brand as more than just products or services.


The easiest for creating a following, Twitter definitely has a place in your social strategy. We use it primarily to convert people to other social platforms for ongoing interaction.


A social news sharing platform, Reddit is a great way to gain exposure to your brand and website from people that otherwise would never come your way.


The great social image pinning website is amazing at helping people collect ideas. Wedding lists, project lists, recipe lists, the concept is endless and people are really likely to turn into customers after pinning on Pinterest.


The most powerful professional recruiting platform online is also rather social. LinkedIn is a place to establish a presence so that you can hire better people.


A great place to build content outside your website to get a following that is much more loyal to your brand than other platforms.