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Our Google Ad packages are focused on Search and Display advertising to generate additional website visitors. Ad packages are created in the client’s Google Ads account and are results-focused, affordable package offerings. All development is by Google-Trained Technicians.

Data-focused advertising spaning Google and Meta ad networks designed to generate conversions that lead to sales.

Can I change the monthly ad budget?
Yes. Packages typically include a minimum budget level and changes to the ad budget can be made on a monthly basis. When increasing ad budget to a higher package the difference in setup fee and any difference in term will be applied.
What online PPC advertising platforms are included in these packages?
These packages apply to a single platform of your choice, either Google or Bing. We can advise you on the best platform based on the target business goals. To advertise on both Google and Bing we simply start two packages.
What are Prospecting ads?
Prospecting ads are advertisements designed to find new customers. We use a test and learn approach to find audiences and advertisements that generate the most revenue or awareness for the money.
What do we discuss on Strategy Calls?
During strategy calls, we will review advertising performance, business performance, upcoming events or activities that are notable for managing advertising, and address other questions and topics.
Will I like the ads? What if I don’t like an ad?
Each package includes the ability to review and revise advertisements. The various packages include a different number of revisions. Once the number of revisions are used, additional changes are made using an hourly billing rate.
Can you explain what is included in Routine Optimization?
On a monthly or weekly basis (depending on the package) we review ad performance and make adjustments intended to improve the advertising results we achieve with your ad budget. Changes may include adjustments to audiences, ad level budget, graphic design, copy, and other ad and campaign settings.
What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a website visitor metrics platform offered for free by Google. It provides excellent visibility into visitors and visitor behavior and we can filter the data down to just visitors as a result of advertisements.
What reporting is included?
There are three types of reporting in each advertising package: 1) Self serve statistics from your Ad Accounts, 2) Monthly email reports, and 3) Website behavior data from Google Analytics.
What are Remarketing ads?
Remarketing advertisements specifically designed to be shown to people who previously visited your website and then go on to other websites or android apps. This is a high-value group of people because they have already been exposed to your brand but the number of people in this audience is typically smaller than other advertising audiences.
What are Search ads?
Search ads show at the top and bottom of search results pages. They are generally made up of a heading, description, and various callout links and text. These are what are most commonly thought of when people think of “Google Ads” or “Google AdWords”
How do you determine the Audience for ads?
The Audience is determined by many factors including the target audience for the service or product, geographic region of interest, demographics of typical customers, various growth considerations, and the performance results of previous advertising.
Why is there a Minimum Term for online advertising?
Our goal is to make your online advertising a business asset. To achieve this it takes several months of testing and learning with different ads, ad copy, graphic design, and audiences. Over time you gain the ability to spend more or less money to generate more or less awareness or revenue. Anyone can just run ads, what we’re doing is creating a business asset for you… and that takes a little longer.
What is Conversion Tracking?
Google and Bing receive data from the business website from tracking codes installed on the website. We handle the setup and management of these advertising codes on the website as part of the package. Using these codes we can measure whether a visitor who clicked on an ad completed a desired action on the website (i.e. phone call, form completion, eCommerce sale, and many others).
What is Call Tracking?
Call Tracking is monitoring the number of incoming phone calls from advertisements and from people who visit the business website as a result of clicking on an ad.


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