Welcome to AssetLab.

We help grow sales and solve marketing problems

Welcome to AssetLab

We help grow sales and solve marketing problems


Websites are a critical component of every business. We create well designed and functional websites with the capabilities you and your online visitors need to help your business grow.


SEO can improve business reputation and make it easier for customers to find you. Our packages are designed to improve business reputation and to get your business at the top of search results. 

Social Media

Social media is where your customers are. Social media posts, premium content, local group interaction, Influencer support and targeted advertising are great ways to build relationships online. 

Google & Bing Ads

Google & Bing are the leading pay per click advertising platforms. Ads can be shown in search results, on websites, YouTube, and phone apps. Our experts fine tune your ads to work harder and smarter. 

Event Marketing

We specialize in online marketing for community and fitness events. These packages provide everything needed to market an event online so that your event team can focus on executing the event.

Email Marketing

Build your business by getting in front of your biggest fans each month with your message, content, and calls to action. Stay in front of your customers’ minds with engaging email newsletters.


What Our Customers Say

Jeff, you need to be at our annual awards ceremony, it is going to be a very good year for AssetLab Marketing.

~Andrea Keikkala ~ Kent Chamber Of Commerce

We did more work in the first week of August this year than we did in all of August last year.

~Steve Jones ~ Balloon Designers

Firstly, thank you for being in my life I love this new website. I love your energy…

~Rick diamond ~ Rick’s Heart Foundation

Oh, Jeff, I’ve missed working with you and it is so great to be at it again. Let’s try some new things

~Susan Pendleton ~ Tunnel Marathons

We’re Better Together

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The Cookie Bar, or CCPA & GDPR Compliance

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