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Who We Are

We are a small talented team that loves online marketing. Our roots are at big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia. Our heart is in getting results online.

What We Do

We do online marketing strategy, WordPress and Shopify websites, and social media. We make it easy and our success is measured by your business results.

What To Expect

We do exactly what we say we will... rare these days. We are also easy to communicate and collaborate with. So, you can expect an easy to work with team working for you.

Web Design

Awesome designs that take your style, colors, schemes, and other marketing or branding and turn it in to a 100% effective user experience


eCommerce is one of our specialties. We can build your site or we can take what you have to the next level with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and take customer engagement to the next level.

Social Media

Most businesses do social media wrong. We can help with a new strategy and even take on the posting and follower engagement. Let us build your following. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn... yep, we know all that.

Fast Websites

Does your website need a speed up? We do that! Everything we build is fast and we can speed up what you have right now so that your visitors become customers.

SEO Certified

Our designs incorporate SEO best practices so that real people love your site as much as Google, Bing, Apple Search, and Yahoo do.

Website Content

We handle 100% of your needs and can take on your custom email sequences, new posts, visitor engagement, and site monetization if you want to get this off your task list.

AssetLab Philosophy

Our philosophy is that our customers should want to work with us because we are bringing great business results, like increased donations, foot traffic, sales, or leads. We value our customers and their business and it should be easy to write the check because the results are obvious.

Here's how Jeff put it when he was asked by a potential nonprofit client.



eCommerce Customers


Social Media Followers


Responsive Websites


Social Media Clients

Examples of social media work done for clients.

Website Clients

Clients seeking new or improved websites for their store, organization, or services business.

We found Jeff easy to work with and helpful in explaining all the technical aspects of the process. He understands working with nonprofits and was accommodating to our specific needs and limitations as a small nonprofit organization. I would work with him again on future projects!

Isabelle Feraudo


I enjoyed working with Jeff, he guided me to become an expert in many subject areas as well as learn new ones. He supported my project ideas and always challenge me to think big.

Daniel Gonzalez


His organizational skills are excellent; he did a tremendous job of keeping track of the dozens of administrative tasks that can easily bog down a significant development project and made sure that each was taken care of before it could slow things down.

Jeff Beal


AssetLab Online Businesses

Our own portfolio of internet brands. Some new, some old, and some built and sold.

A great place to learn about low-fat cooking and Air Fryers


A great place to learn about Instant Pot's and other pressure cookers


An expert resource for cooking with dutch ovens.


An excellent place to learn how to make better ice cream.


Personalized anonymous messages via potato. Sold.


Helping you choose and adjust to standing desks.


Recipes and expertise for new Sous Vide home cooks.


A resource for teens looking for their first job. Sold.

Contact Us

Call Us: 844-488-4567

If you need help with a project, need to build your business online, or had someone who didn't quite do the job, this is the place to get in contact with us. We're friendly, professional, and very experienced.

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