Black Friday is coming and here you will find a bunch of ideas for Friday or Cyber Monday to help increase engagement and boost sales. Just to back up for a minute, the reason you want to take the time to be present on Black Friday or Cyber Monday is that your customers are trained to shop and spend during this time. Getting in on that consumer behavior is an advantage for your business.

  1. If you have an online store, create a new tag named “Gift” or “Gifts” and a page showing products with that tag
  2. Create a gift guide article on the website and feature it on the website, in email, and on social
  3. Setup a Black Friday / Cyber Monday landing page on your website and leave it up all year to collect google searchers
  4. Choose a discount or coupon to share with shoppers and provide the code as a trade for signing up for the email newsletter (you’re doing an email newsletter right?). Promote the coupon on the website in a header or website overlay when someone first visits the site
  5. Send an email campaign to promote deals, coupons, limited time products, a gift guide, or other special news
  6. Create a simple Facebook Live video (or post a short selfie video) announcing your specials and create a Facebook Event for the specific sale times
  7. Start Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions at least a week early to increase reach and exposure. It can take time for people to decide to do business with you or purchase a product… give them that time
  8. Team up with another business that can help bring in customers that would not otherwise engage with you. It could be a neighbor, a complementary business, or a marketing provider
  9. Offer a flash sale to social media followers or the email newsletter list
  10. Create a special product or service bundle to promote on the website, social, and email
  11. Introduce a new product or service
  12. Reward loyal customers with a separate discount or thank you gift to get them to engage on Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  13. Offer a mailed and a self-printable gift card so that your customers can give what you offer to their friends and family

Whether you’re reading this in July or November, take the time to take action on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your business.

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