Social media is a hard place to operate as a business. You and the team are excited about what you are offering, you are posting content, you are following up with messages or comments, and you’re putting time in to the platforms you have chosen. But the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be near as interested in your business or your content as you are. That can be hard.

One of the hardest parts is motivating customers to actually post about your business on social media. Even when the business is a photo-worthy place. At the same time, when customers do post great things to social media, it is a huge boost to your online marketing efforts!

There is no specific way to incite customers to post so instead, I’m going to give you a bunch of ideas on how to encourage customer posts.

  1. Give a coupon to people who post
  2. Have a selfie content
  3. Create a selfie spot at the business or at events
  4. Encourage staff to post selfies
  5. Host an event and take a photo of the group. Post to social media and invite people to tag themselves
  6. Take a staff photo, post it online, and encourage the team to tag themselves
  7. Host an “Ask Me Anything” (this is particularly popular on Reddit) where people submit their questions tagging the business account
  8. Post a funny photo related to the business and ask for caption ideas
  9. Host a social media takeover where you give control of the account so an influencer or excellent customer for 24 hours. Create a buzz around it and ask for engagement from the audience if they like it or have ideas
  10. Go live on Periscope or Facebook or YouTube to make an announcement, live viewers tend to be much more engaged
  11. Go live with an interview with a customer or partner or influencer
  12. Create and post a Meme (Warning, this video will wake you up… but its one of the best at balancing history with “Internet Memes”)
  13. Post a behind the scenes piece of content

Let me know what works for your business are and we’ll add them to the list.

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