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The creates and builds websites and businesses that empower visitors in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, environment, and employment.

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AssetLab Websites - Tips and tools for people searching for seasonal employment and seasonal jobs. Read more. - Resources for teen entrepreneurs and job searchers. Read more. - Job board and interviewing resources for teens looking for their first jobs. Read more. - Local job board, job search tips, and resources for job seekers in the Flagstaff, Arizona and Northern Arizona areas. Read more. - Provides profiles and education suggestions on the hottest trending jobs in the Americas. - Deep information for job searchers looking for positions at airports in the United Kingdom. Read more. - Focused information on jobs local to the Heathrow airport in London. Read more. - Leadership and youth mentoring guide with great stories mixed in. Read more. - A website rich in information about one of the latest food crazes - the Air Fryer, which experience record sales this past holiday season. Read more.

AssetLab Creators: - Official website of Jeffrey R Kelly, Founder and CEO of AssetLab, a successful corporate engineer, entrepreneur, athlete, and business coach. Also the owner of a Shipping Container Home Vacation Rental. - Website of Jessica R Kelly, Founder and Board Member of AssetLab, a successful non-profit national operations manager, historian, and board gamer.