Facebook has exploded in to the event planning space and become one of the most popular event planning and advertising platforms online in the span of about 18 months. Here are some pro-tips for how to use Facebook events to get more people to your business, your events, and engaged in what you are doing.

Before we go too far, here’s why you care:

  • Facebook is heavily promoting events to users, particularly in the app
  • Friends get notifications when their friends are going to events
  • Facebook events are an easy way to stay plugged in to an event for people already using Facebook
  • Facebook events can be for things that aren’t really events… be creative

Great tips for leveraging Facebook Events:

  1. The most important thing to do is to create at least one Facebook event for your business to try it out. If you don’t have “events” get creative. Come to the Facebook Group if you need ideas.
  2. Create a Facebook event for an upcoming class or event you are already hosting
  3. Create a Facebook event for an upcoming online live stream or conference call
  4. Create a Facebook event for a time when someone will be in your store and can talk about something related to what you do (this could be you, talking about anything!)
  5. When creating the event, invite people who may be interested to get some early momentum
  6. Post updates or messages to events to get attention from people who have responded as the event is approaching
  7. Create a poll on the event if you want guidance from people coming
  8. Announce important information such as where to park, if there will be food, and other critical information for attendees so they know what to expect
  9. Advertise your event with some marketing money to reach a broader audience
  10. If you’re selling tickets you can advertise the event to fill up the session. If you need help understanding how much to spend, come to the Facebook Group to ask some questions
  11. Fill in the entire set of fields available to you as an organizer (header image, profile image, date, time, website, ticket buying location, etc)
  12. Encourage other people to post questions or information ahead of the event right in the event feed
  13. Ask people to invite their friends or share the Facebook event with their friends to gain additional exposure

Do you have some other great Pro Tips? Come to the Facebook Group and I’ll add your suggestions for Facebook Events.

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