Your business website is critical to your success as a business. People come to learn about you and, more importantly, buy your products and services. By making it easy for your website visitors to become your website customers you grow.

Let’s make your website easier for your visitors to become customers!

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Types Of Small Business Website Visitors

Your website gets a lot of different types of visitors. Some have the potential to become customers and some do not. Here are the most common ones:

  • Someone who wants to learn about your business
  • Someone learning about your products or services
  • Someone who is shopping
  • Someone with an intent to buy
  • Past customers

Let’s focus on the “Learner”, the “Shopper”, and the “Intent To Buy”. There are some really specific things you can do to help them on your website.

Orient The Website Toward Purchasing

The entire website experience should give the visitor the understanding that they are at a place where they shop and buy. A website is like a net that captures visitors and sends them down a funnel toward becoming a customer.

  • Your website should build trust
  • Clear away the clutter in the layout
  • Link from inside your blog to your store
  • Make it easy to buy straight from your website

Improve Pictures And Videos

When people are considering products or services they want to know what they look like, feel like, smell like. They want to know what results they will achieve if they buy. They want to know what they will experience.

  • Product & service & program images
  • Customer pictures
  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • “Help you buy” videos

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Interact With Shoppers

The differences between a physical store and a website are:

  • It is harder to interact with the visitors
  • It is harder for the visitor to understand the product or service
  • It is easier for the visitor to come to you

So, you need to find ways to interact with your visitors, particularly once they show an intent to buy (like viewing a product/service page or the cart)

Ways to interact:

Online Chat – 800 Number – Call Me Buttons
Video Chat – Email Course Signups

Bonus: Provide Really Useful Content

Search engines are designed to match people who want information with websites that have information. Search engines can tell if visitors think your website is useful… they leave clues.

  • Product & service pages should be very informative
  • Blog posts should be really genuinely useful
  • Videos should be informative and explanatory rather than “salesy”
  • You should create content in areas related to what you do
  • You can write about your strongest competitors too

Cast A Wider Net

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