Connecting with customers via text, either through a phone or app, is gaining momentum because it brings higher sales conversion and customer satisfaction. You may have seen a chat box appear on a website, welcoming you and asking if you have any questions, or you may receive text reminders from your doctor. While this type of communication is less formal, it is available 24/7, meets the customer where they are, and quickly connects customers to the information they need.

Chat Bots for Websites

Chat boxes that pop up on websites can be 100% artificial intelligence or manned by staff. They point users to the information they need quickly and efficiently. They can direct a user to an action like filling out a form or making an appointment. Adding a chat bot to your website can be free with a DIY version or cost several hundreds of dollars. Find our more in this article from Chat Bots Magazine.

Google Messenger

If you turn on the Messaging feature in your Google My Business account (contact us and we can do this for you), potential clients will be able to message you through your Google My Business listing. You can easily respond to messages through the Google My Business app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger uses a combination of AI and direct communication that allows you to connect with customers in a platform they are comfortable with. Additionally, Messenger ads allow you to reach audiences already interested in your business. Find out more on the Facebook business support page.  If you are interested in increasing leads, sales, and improving customer service with chat or text on your website we are your source of expertise. Get in touch and we can help you get the benefits without the pain.
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