Working from home on a regular basis requires a different set of habits and strategies than working from the office. As you work from home it is important to stay focused when work requires it, have a quiet space for meetings, stay hydrated and healthy, and integrate what is going on at home with what is going on at work. This article provides tips, tools, and strategies for structuring your work day.

How To Plan Your Schedule

The key to working from home is creating some structure for yourself and any roommates or family that live with you. Structure to your schedule will get you in a habit of working effectively and meeting your non-work needs.

We recommend that our team include the following time on their schedule every day:

  • Reading and responding to email
  • Calling clients or team members regarding active projects
  • Focused work time for individual tasks
  • Walks or fitness time
  • Lunch and other meals
  • Time to accept randomizations

Every week we recommend the following get worked in as well:

  • At least one family activity during the day
  • Time to reflect on how work is going and make adjustments
  • A one-on-one session video conference with their work manager
  • The team work management meeting

How To Work In Health & Hydration

Keeping yourself healthy while working from home is important. Many people moving from an office to working from home reduce their level of physical activity because there is less walking required to get to meetings. 

Recommendations for keeping healthy while working from home:

  • Add two 20 minute walks to your calendar
  • If you fall behind on hydration, add calendar reminders to get more water and stay hydrated
  • Plan your work-time meals in advance and shop for them specifically. Planning in advance will help you eat healthier.

How To Integrate Home Life And Work Life

Working from home inherently merges some home responsibilities and some work responsibilities.

The best way to balance the needs of home and work is to schedule anything from home live during business hours right on to your calendar.

As you adjust to working from home also take time to speak with your colleagues about how working from home is going for them. You will find common experiences, a network of support, and ideas for any challenges you are having.

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