Vloggers take their business to the next level when they branch out of only producing video and start thinking of what they create as content leveraged for multi-purposes and shared in many ways. This guide shows you the path forward to becoming a video blogger with an online presence rather than just a video presence.

Let’s start with the good stuff.

The Best Social Media For You

Using social media strategically is critical to your success because your audience is on social media too, and many will find out about your new content on social media before they find it on your video platform. Then… they can share it with their friends. There are so many platforms out there but they are not equal. Success comes with choosing and engaging strategically.

Websites For Vloggers

Websites are a hub for your followers (and future followers) to find your content, engage with your content, and sign up to get more of it in the way they prefer. A simple website connecting visitors to everything you do online (selling merchandise, social media, video channel, email newsletter, texting platform, etc).

Keys to website success:

  1. Start simple
  2. Make it look semi-pro
  3. Add eCommerce for your merch
  4. Connect to social media
  5. Get email newsletter signups (you need to build an email list and send an email newsletter!)

Email Marketing For Vlogs

Email marketing for content creators is CRITICAL! I know that most of your following doesn’t want to interact with you over email, but they do:

  • Purchase stuff from you when they see it in an email
  • Sign up for your events
  • Purchase merchandise from the website

Your followers will self-opt-in to email (or not) but you need to offer it because those that opt-in represent a direct communication channel with high engagement intent.

Marketing Your Special Events

Special video drops, product launches, convention attendance, VIP experiences with you, new video series. All of these can be turned into events that people can attend physically or virtually. Building events and getting your followers engaged on major events is a huge super-fan builder engine that needs some effort.

Some ideas for spreading the word about your events:

  • Talk about it in Vlogs (obviously)
  • Facebook event
  • Instagram post
  • Twitch stream announcement
  • Email announcement
  • Live video on social media

As your events get bigger, keep in mind that you can charge for them.

Social Media Engagement

Your followers are on the social media platforms they are on. Understanding which ones and figuring out how best to get them your content in a way that they interact with it is critical to your success. If you are growing a following DIY-style you need to try several things to find out what works. 

Here are some engagement ideas:

  • Direct message your followers from time to time
  • Hold live video sessions where people can chat in to you
  • Ask people who shared your content in the past to share your new content
  • Direct message people who share similar content and ask them to share your stuff
  • Join groups (like Facebook Groups) for your vlog topics and engage with the community there
  • Incorporate trending hashtags on posts (for hashtag-using platforms only, i.e. NOT Facebook)

AssetLab Marketing Can Help

The AssetLab Marketing team works with Vloggers, musicians, and other content creators get the most out of every video, social media post, and blog. Many creators are frustrated that the more successful they become the less time they spend creating. We help creators spend more time creating.

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