Search Engine Optimization is the act of working to make a website rank more highly in Google searches so that more people who are interested in the products or services of a business come to the website to learn about them. Search Engine Optimization, known simply as SEO, takes time and is an investment in the quality of the content on a website and the indicators search engines use to assess the value of a website for a topic. The more time and treasure invested in high quality SEO the higher a website ranks in search for appropriate search results pages.

There are two philosophies behind SEO:

  1. Low Quality SEO: Fast and cheap and short lived (sometimes this is called “Black Hat SEO”)
  2. High Quality SEO: Slower and more expensive and long lasting

At AssetLab Marketing there is only one way to do SEO, the High Quality way, and so our recommendations, though simple, are focused on long lasting improvement.

Three SEO Actions To Take Today

First: Improve The Google My Business Listing

Google search services handle more than 80% of all internet search traffic between, Google Maps, YouTube, and their other search properties.

Google has a business directory called Google My Business and data from this business directory is shown on search results pages on all device platforms across Google Search, Google Maps, Waze, and other properties.

TODAY: Improve your Google My Business listing.

HOW: Go to, sign in, and find something to work on. If nothing else, upload additional images. You can also start posting, create events, update the description, or update the location of the business.

THE RESULT: Fresh Google My Business listings help real people find your business online. When real people find your business it has greater value in the eyes of search engines and that is SEO.

PRO LEVEL: Post to Yelp, Google My Business, and LinkedIn on a schedule coressponding to the content development plan for the business.

Second: Add More Content To Your Homepage

The website is the hub of online interaction for any business. Google and other search engines inspect the content on a business website on a regular basis and use it to understand the topics represented on every page. Increasing and improving the content on the homepage shows more value and provides more information to search engines.

TODAY: Log in to the website and add content

HOW: Go to the homepage and add text to any content area. If you really get going you may add new sections with headings and pictures, which is even better.

THE RESULT: More information means more value for real visitors and more data for search engines to consider and that is SEO.

PRO LEVEL: A content development calendar and plan that identifies the specific articles, dates, graphics, and related social media posts for sharing the content.

Third: Start Posting Consistently To Facebook

Website visitors coming from social media platforms, like Facebook, is an indicator that a website (and business) is one of value. The best way to generate social media website visitors is to interact with real people on social media. The better the relationship building and actions you take on social media the larger the social following you create, and a small percentage of those people will click through to the website from time to time.

TODAY: Start one new thing on Facebook

HOW: If you don’t do anything, start posting every month. If you already post maybe you try a new post type or go live for the first time.

THE RESULT: More engagement on social media will eventually result in website visitors coming from social media. Search engines see that and apply a higher value to that website, and that is SEO.

PRO LEVEL: A social media schedule and scheduler that allows you to easily interact with follower comments and messages. You should be using several social platforms at the pro level, but only the ones that fit your business.

These three, simple, achievable actions will start to move the needle for your business with search engines. To really take SEO to the next level, check out the packages we offer. Real, lasting improvement requires high quality strategies and tactics performed over time… it’s an investment. See what we can do for you.

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