You already have a website and you’re looking for ways to make it better… well, you have come to the right place. Let’s look at three straightforward ways you can modernize your website.

Get the companion worksheet and use it right now to identify what you need to modernize on your website.

Let’s start by talking briefly about websites so we’re all starting from the same place.

  1. Websites are marketing tools
  2. Web sites give information to participants, supporters, volunteers, partners, donors, and potential customers
  3. Web sites are not for you, they are for your visitors
  4. There are tools that can build websites for you (Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy SiteBuilder)
  5. There are tools to build a site yourself like WordPress or custom code
  6. Websites take time to keep up to date

Now there are three really straightforward things you can do to make your website look better and perform better for your visitors.

  1. Use better pictures
  2. Become mobile friendly
  3. Calm down the look and feel

Modernize Your Website Tip #1: Use Better Pictures

It is 100% true that pictures tell a thousand words. It is also true that pictures can convey emotion and be inspiring. Words can be these things too but it takes so much time for someone to read the words that convey these things that pictures are winners. They can be understood in an instant.

So, take a look at the pictures you have on your website.

You want these to be REALLY good!

  • Your product pictures should show the product being used.
  • Your program pictures should show the people whose lives you are impacting
  • Your pictures should really convey the emotion that you bring

Missing out on this opportunity means a boring experience for your visitors.

Jeff’s Guru Tips #1-#3:

Sign up for the slides and worksheet to get a list of specific resources you can use to get:

  1. Free-use images
  2. Free image editing
  3. Free and easy graphic creation

For example, Canva is great at creating graphics.

Check out the slides and download the worksheet to get Jeff’s list of free tools and resources for pictures and graphics.

Modernize Your Website Tip #2: Become Mobile Friendly

More than 55% of the traffic on the internet is from mobile phones. Isn’t that amazing! Is your website friendly to a mobile phone visitor?

  • Does a mobile visitor have to scroll side to side
  • Do the menus work for a mobile visitors
  • Is your phone number easy to find
  • Do the pictures on your website auto-scale to the size of the screen

Mobile visitors are seeking information and doing research. They generally are not interested in buying unless you’re selling a free-time item (music, video, comics, apps, etc). The reason is that people use their phones “in-between” other activities and are often looking for entertainment or preparing for something, not actually doing it.

Want to serve your visitors? Well, make your website more mobile friendly.

The worksheet has a link to the mobile-friendly test tool. Be sure to check it out. See it here, download, & print.

Modernize Your Website Tip #3: Calm Down The Look & Feel

These days simple website designs and layouts and calm easy to read color schemes are “king”. The reason is that they are really focused on making the visitor experience easy. White backgrounds, black text, pastel backgrounds, lots of pictures… these are all hallmarks of modern website design.

If you are using a website builder or WordPress or Concrete5 to operate your website be sure to take a few minutes to get a more modern theme for your website.

Jeff’s Guru Tip #1:

Make sure to take a backup first in case you need to go back because something went badly

Where to go from here


Take the time right now to go through the slides, review and print the worksheet, and take a look at your website. The one thing that will change your website and your business for the better is making forward progress.

You can do that… right now.

P.S. If you want to jump in and really get your internet presence into a better place I have a free 5-day email course that will take you step by step through the process. Sign up. It’s FREE.

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