Car shows are so much fun to attend, show a vehicle at, and spend time marketing. Here are some ideas for how to market your car show. If you want to go deeper, sign up for a free account to learn more about online marketing.


Free Car Show Marketing Ideas

  • Create a Google My Business listing
  • Create a Facebook page specific to the car show
  • Post images of cars that come to the show to Instagram
  • Create a Facebook Event for the show
  • Submit the car show to the calendar at the local paper
  • Work with a reporter from the local newspaper to create an article about the show for publication the week before the show
  • Contact the local city asking for help promoting the show
  • Work with the local chamber of commerce to get help promoting the show
  • Ask local businesses to become sponsors or supporters of the show
  • Create a website with important information for spectators, people who want to bring vehicles, and potential sponsors and vendors
  • Get a logo designed specifically for the show and put it on flyers, the website, social media, and shirts
  • Contact car clubs within 100 miles and invite them to attend as a group
  • Contact other car shows within 200 miles and ask them how to promote the show, promote their show in return
  • Attend other car shows as a vendor with a booth, promoting the show
  • Attend farmers markets to promote the show
  • Get a TechSoup account for access to tons of great services and products
  • Setup a Google Nonprofit account to get access to free services from Google, specifically: email handling and a Google Ad Grant advertising account
  • Create flyers and distribute them at local businesses
  • Contact car dealers in the area and ask them to become sponsors or supporters
  • Create simple videos of some of the vehicles coming to the show and share them on social media
  • Ask local radio stations if you can come do an interview or public service announcement
  • Ask local automotive businesses to display flyers at their locations
  • Ask local automotive businesses to share the show Facebook event on social media with their audience
  • Ask local restaurants to be sponsors
  • Post announcements of the show on Reddit
  • Post announcements of the show on Craigslist
  • Look for vehicle owner forums with regional threads where you can post the show
  • Look for car show listing websites and ask to be included
  • Google “Things to do in ____[your city]” and see if you can get listed on the pages that come up
  • Find Facebook groups in the area who have members that might want to exhibit and invite them to come with a registration discount or special parking area
  • Contact local automotive media companies (newspapers, magazines, bloggers, etc), give them a few sentence description of the show or offer a free media pass and offer to answer questions
  • Contact local TV morning shows and offer to appear on their show as a guest. They are often desperate for people to come.
  • Collect email addresses of car people and send them a save the date, and later a vehicle registration link using MailChimp
  • Visit other local car shows and ask the participants to come to your car show
  • Ask the local library if car show flyers can be posted for a local event benefiting a nonprofit
  • Create a Yelp profile
  • Ask people who have been to the show to create reviews on the Facebook or Google My Business pages for the show
  • Create Google My Business posts in the weeks leading up to the show
  • Create a Google My Business event post for the show
  • Create profiles of sponsors and post them on the website. Then ask sponsors to link to them from their website
  • Create a Facebook live video from time to time when you see a great car around town, be sure to talk about the upcoming show
  • Create a slideshow post on Facebook or Instagram with pictures of great cars coming to the show
  • Contact local or classic car podcasters and offer to be a guest on their show

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Additional Car Show Marketing Ideas

Professional advertising, social media, press outreach, and promotion will make a huge difference in attendance at the car show. These investments can pay off huge for a show.

  1. Have a professional photographer come and take pictures at the show for a couple hours – Cost: $500 – How: Post on craigslist
  2. Hire a professional videographer to come for one to two hours and create footage of the event. You can distribute this footage to local media so they can create an on-air piece – Cost: $500 – How: Post on craigslist
  3. Hire freelance journalists to attend the event, create news stories, and send them to local media and bloggers. They can be sent to automotive blogs like Jalopnik and SuperChevy as well. – Cost: $50 to $250 – How: Post on Craigslist
  4. Run an ad in the local newspaper the week before the show, the newspaper may give it to you for free in return for a sponsorship
  5. Purchase banners and work with the city or town to find places to hang them around town
  6. Pay for Facebook ads to people who love cars in the area of the show
  7. Pay for Google display ads to be placed on website and show to people who are all about cars

The possibilities are really endless and there are just as many free ways to market and advertise a car show as there are paid ways to get the word out. Be creative and use this list as a resource!