At AssetLab we believe in our Community, it’s one of our values, and the way we show this value is by taking
care of our environment. A healthy Earth is good for our team, our clients, and good for business.

This high value we place in Community value is why we invest in offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions
and the emissions from use of the marketing we manage for clients. It’s rare for a business to go so far as to
model the impact from a user, normally the manufacturing and delivery is all that’s included. For example,
our model accounts for emissions from electricity used by the mobile phones and laptops to access the
websites we host, not just the electricity used in the data center to host the website. We believe this is a
more complete model and what all businesses should be doing.

In 2022 our modeled carbon emissions are as follows:
● AssetLab operations: 21 tons of CO2e
● Client Marketing Delivery: 62 tons of CO2e

Looking at the trend since we started offsetting emissions in 2020 we can see substantial growth in the
total amount modeled generated.
● 2020: 50 tons emitted, 150 offset with Forterra Carbon Capture
● 2021: 66 tons emitted, 159 offset with Forterra Carbon Capture
● 2022: 83 tons emitted, awaiting offset

Our emissions are growing as a result of the growth of our new brands such as Butterflyly TatSites, and Balloon
, as well as growth in the use of digital marketing by our clients who are seeing increases in website
visitors due to our advertising and search engine optimization services.

In the last three years we have purchased offsets that total 309 tons.

As we look to offset emissions from 2022 we are changing our strategy. We’re looking for a major project to
invest in that will cause an ongoing offset of a substantial amount of greenhouse gas emissions. If you have
ideas please be sure to mention them in the comments.

One idea we’re working on is capping an abandoned oil well that is leaking methane. Methane has 80 times
the warming impact of carbon when emitted into the atmosphere.

Another idea we’re working on is purchasing or stewarding an area of mature forest. Trees and forests with
young trees are actually net carbon emitters, it’s not until they are mature that the ecosystem is a net sink.
And so we’re considering securing mature forest to offset our impact in an ongoing way.

If you have any ideas or know of an abandoned well or mature forest of modest size that we can consider
stewardship of, please let us know. And, stay tuned for news of our project.

If you would like to join us as a Community focused business caring for the environment you can learn more
about ways to show your commitment publicly with these organizations:
● The Climate Pledge
● Pledge 1%

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