Welcome to our Monthly Wrap Up series, where we highlight the latest product and feature improvements released over the past month. This June, we’ve introduced a range of enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and boost your website’s performance.

Discover More AI Section Types

Expand your creative possibilities with AI-generated sections by using specific terms like Testimonials, FAQs, Numbers, and more in your prompts. These terms will unlock a variety of section options tailored to your client’s site needs, making it easier to design engaging and relevant content.

Alt Text Manager Now Includes Icons

The Alt Text Manager has been upgraded to include icons, allowing you to view and generate alt text tags for all site icons in bulk. This improvement not only saves time but also provides a significant boost to your site’s SEO, ensuring all visual elements are accessible and optimized.

Enhanced SEO with Nested URLs for Collections and Dynamic Pages

You can now create nested URL paths for your Collections, enhancing SEO management and performance. By adding nested paths, such as “,” you can establish a SILO structure that improves your site’s search engine visibility and organization.

Fluid Button Resizing

Newly added buttons on your site now feature fluid resizing, allowing both the width and height to scale proportionally to the text. This eliminates the need for custom CSS code, providing a seamless and efficient way to resize buttons directly within the editor.

Instant Access to Site Dashboard

Accessing your Site Dashboard is now quicker than ever. While building and designing a site in the editor, simply click the Info & Tools icon on the top toolbar and select “Site Dashboard (Take Me There link)” for immediate access, saving you time and reducing the number of clicks required.

View Store Subscription Details in the Order Screen

We’ve added a direct link to view subscription details right within the order details screen. This update allows you and your eCommerce clients to quickly access important information about customers’ subscription orders and take necessary actions, such as canceling subscriptions, more efficiently.

That’s it for June’s Monthly Wrap Up. We hope you find these updates useful. Have an idea or feature request? Visit our Idea Board and share your thoughts. See you next month!

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