AssetLab Is A Climate Positive Business

By Jeff Kelly, Owner, AssetLab Marketing ~ January 2020

September 2022

I’m very happy to announce that AssetLab and all it’s subsidiaries including TatSites, BalloonSuite, Butterflyly are a signor of The Climage Pledge. We join 250 other companies who are committed to bringing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2040.

At AssetLab we’ve been net-zero since 2020, and that includes all the marketing we manage for clients from ads to websites.

Further, we are working to offset all greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

If you’re determining your impact, mark down AssetLab as net-zero.

If you want to join us, visit to learn more.


Original 2020 Announcement

“I’m very happy to announce that AssetLab Marketing is a Climate Positive business. We believe that improving the health of our planet improves the business environment and improves the long term health of our team, our clients, and our community.”

“Starting in 2020 AssetLab Marketing is sequestering twice as much carbon as we expect to release through our partnership with Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program. Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture program helps companies, organizations and individuals address the threats of global climate change by planting trees in the Puget Sound region.”

“Evergreen Carbon Capture is a program for those that want to take accountability for their carbon footprint and invest in healthy, resilient forested parks and natural areas for future generations.”

“Your marketing is now Climate Positive.”

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