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As we step into 2024, we at AssetLab Marketing and our brands — Balloon Suite, TatSites, Butterflyly, and Serenity — remain committed to environmental stewardship. Reflecting on 2023, our operations resulted in an estimated 19 tons of indirect and downstream emissions. The estimate is based on the business estimator provided by our membership with SME Climate Hub and the calculator operated by Normative.

Determining the full emissions picture for digital marketing is a challenge that most general business emissions calculators and climate agreements do not account for. Based on our research and information available we use the methodology and information provided by, which estimates 0.44 tons of CO2e per website per year. Using this model the full downstream carbon footprint is estimated at 64 tons. Estimating this type of emission and considering the expectations of business offsets is far outside what most programs consider and we’re happy to take the more holistic consideration for the sake of our planet.

In the past year there has been much press and coverage around the misguided trust in “carbon offsets” as a climate solution. This change in understanding is much like our past conversation about the failure of modeling individual trees as proper carbon sequestration devices. This is why we choose to work with an organization that keeps carbon that is in the ground, in the ground!

For 2023 emissions offset we continue to support the Well Done Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to plugging orphaned or abandoned oil and gas wells across the United States, significantly cutting down methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. Learn more about the Well Done Foundation and join us in making a difference at

We continue to be net-zero carbon as a business and have been since 2020. 

Our next goal is to be greenhouse gas neutral by the time we work through 2025 emissions and offsets. Here’s our plan to accomplish this.

  • 2024: Continue working with Well Done Foundation to properly prevent emissions
  • 2025: Identify a method to estimate total greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate proper prevention “offset” methods and evaluate financial plans to reach GHG neutral, potentially updating this plan
  • 2026: Offset carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions so that we are GHG-net-zero


To read our history of updates visit the Climate section of

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