Many people ask us whether they can use logos for review platforms for sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook on their websites to show visitors their great review score. In this post we take some time to look at the rules for each review platform and provide specific guidance and resources you can use to stay within the terms of service for each of them.

Why This Is A Concern

The reason this is an open question for many businesses is the cost of trademark infringements. When one business uses a trademarked asset of another the owning business can pursue legal action. This can range from a “stop request” to a “cease and desist” to a lawsuit and damages. So, getting this right does matter.

  • Yelp – Yes, Badge also available
  • Google – No, and no badge available
  • Facebook – Yes, Just the “f” version, no badge available
  • Thumbtack – No, Pro and Review badges available

Can I Use The Yelp Logo

Yelp is one of the most significant business  review platforms online and Yelp reviews are some of the most trusted by potential customers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Yes, you can use the Yelp logo on your website as long as you respect the logo and link to the Yelp page from that image. [Source, 3/4/2018]
  • There are several rules for the use of the logo that may apply, please read the source for more information

Can I Use The Google Logo

The short answer is: No

The Google logo and Google My Business logo are in high demand from businesses. However, Google does not allow the logo to be used by others without specific written permission. [Source, 3/4/2018]

Also note, as March 2018 there isn’t any way to get a badge that shows the count or rating associated with Google reviews.

Can I Use The Facebook Logo

The Facebook “f” can be used in specific circumstances and in specific ways. The image itself cannot be modified and some uses are not allowed. There are a variety of other brand assets owned by Facebook such as the word-mark, like icon, etc, all of which have rules. [Source 3/4/2018]

Can I Use The Thumbtack Logo

Thumbtack is a growing business directory and provides review capability just like these other platforms. It is popular with home services businesses currently and other areas are growing fast.

Businesses are not allowed to use the Thumbtack logo however they are allowed to show the Thumbtack Pro badge or the Reviews Badge as long as it is loaded live from Thumbtack with an HTML snippet.

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